TWR News Hub Released!

The non official app of the English Band " These Words", which tries to bring their media stream to you in one place :)

CallTime Manager Released!

Aims to save you money, by warning with sound alarm or vibrating the phone when getting to the end of your free minutes for any given number!!..

Super2Me Released!

Focused on the creation of shopping lists on the run, with this ap you can create almost any general purpose list click here to learn more...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

CallTime Manager V1.1.6 is out!

Yeah  merry Christmas and happy new year,  here is my present for you all, this ver 1.1.6 of the callTime Manager  fixes some mayor bugs, and introduces a new characteristic... a graph that counts now many time you have called the contacts added to the call time manager!!.. this way  you will find that  maybe the numbers that you have as free numbers are not so  favorite after all.. and probably discover that some others are more often called and deserve a shot in your free numbers... :)  ... here i leave you a video  :)

You find it useful?  shot the love spreading the word and don't forget to  add stars and +1 it at the market!!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Maintenance Release..

This new version became more a maintenance release instead of a " new feature release.."  this is because the blocking number characteristic that android already has works great!.. so instead of that  i just fixed some bugs in this new version and prepared some of the app internals for another characteristic, i think you all gonna find useful...

**One important bug that was fixed, is the dial screen, that on redial hides in the notification  bar..
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New feature for the CallTime Manager

Has been a while, i know, but a new features is comming
( hopefully by this weekend ) ... based on the comments received... so keep around!..